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The firm

The RBS Investment Group (“RBS”) was established in 1999 to facilitate the flow of global capital into compelling investment opportunities. We co-invest with partners to leverage our collective expertise and carry out a thorough investment due diligence process, while being hands on owner-operators post investment closing. We as well allocate capital globally as Limited Partners and work with seasoned management teams in order to generate reliable long term income streams and make value-oriented investments.


There is an opportunity to create asymmetric investment returns, where relative returns to relative risks can be managed through our hands on investment process which aims to address the prevalent capital deficit that exists within the global finance community in accessing financing for qualified projects and operations. RBS partners with expert management teams to capitalize projects that are professionally managed, with sufficiently high returns to meet our hurdle rates. We also provide strategic advice to our partners in structuring and deploying capital in investments that we have diligence.


These principles are the cornerstone of our success, our grounding foundation and our undivided focus.