House of Seligman

The RBS Investment Group “RBS” is a Toronto-based privately held principal investment and advisory firm of the Seligman Family. RBS bears the initials of the second generation founding Partner of the firm, being Ronald Bryan Seligman. The origin of the Seligman name comes from a Medieval Germanic-Jewish lineage where the name signifies "[A] man blessed by the heavens."  The Seligman Family Code of Arms embodies the meaning and etymology of the Family name, from which the winged helmet Corporate Seal is derived.

In the financial services world historically the Seligman name became distinguished with the creation of the J & W Seligman Co. in the late 19th century where the firm endorsed milestone projects such as the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the Continental railway expansion into the Western United States and the structured financing of the Panama Canal. There is now a new and distinct group of Seligman's that stand poised to endorse other global milestone projects in the many places of the world we operate.

Irving Seligman


Samuel J. Seligman

1922 - 2015

Confederation Life’s
Man of the year 1960